Another obstacle to foreign tourism

British government took a resolution that hurts tourists From everyone It is received from a publication on the recovery of taxes on purchases in European Union (EU) And a question arose: “What is going on in this UK After Brexit? “.

The answer is simple. since last year, UK For the time being, the “duty-free” regime does not offer the possibility of tourists visit the country of Isabella II,

One of the companies dedicated to the reimbursement of collected taxes specifies on its website that British government It is detailed that “Scheme for Retail Exports with VAT UK Expires at 11:00 p.m. on December 31, 2020 for all eligible customers.

It also creates differences for tourists Tour of continental Europe and the British Isles. In journeys between the two regions, Sightseeing You must pay the refund before your departure user interface, otherwise you will not be able to recover this difference. On the islands you can no longer trade.

For Argentina, for example, a refund cannot be made in London, but if more than one country is visited, it must be made at the final airport. The European UnionThe Republic of Ireland is the only one of the five island nations that resides in FederationBecause he is not part of the British crown.

It is not new, but Argentina is particularly affected by the fragile economic situation that we are experiencing. Occur Sightseeing Abroad Argentina is not as accessible as before and even less if this possibility is lost. Britain To reduce taxes.

What is the tax refund?

As its name suggests in English, it means “tax free”. All tourists additional people from the community who cross the territory of user interface They have the right to buy products without paying value added tax (VAT), with communities being able to request a refund at the last airport before leaving the country.

This does not apply to anything consumed, but does cover those for personal use or “souvenirs”. Thus, accommodation, food, recreation, travel or tourism and tobacco do not apply.