Are you planning a summer trip to Europe? Here’s where to start

Do you dream of going on a summer trip to Europe? The World Tourism Organization ranks Europe as the most visited continent, attracting 50% of global tourists. It’s the perfect place to visit this summer, with over 746 million international tourists visit every year to witness some of the world’s most iconic landscapes. Planning a trip to Europe, especially in the summer, can seem overwhelming, but well-prepared travelers are more likely to have a successful trip that meets all of their expectations. Here’s where to start when planning a summer trip to Europe.

The best plane ticket for the summer

Summer is the busiest time of the year and finding an affordable flight can be a real challenge. The trick is buying airline tickets in advance and using trend data to identify prices as well as know when to buy can save travelers a lot of money.

  • June: Historically, flying to Europe in June has not been as expensive as July, and visitors can get the best midweek deals. However, the last Saturday in June is the most expensive day to travel to Europe.
  • July: Although July is the most expensive month to travel to Europe, visitors can take advantage of better deals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Saturdays are the most expensive, and should be avoided by all means.
  • August: flights are most expensive on the first Saturday in August. They are cheaper mid-week and the last day of the month, the 31st, is the cheapest to fly.
  • September: the first Saturday is the most expensive, but generally September is the ideal summer to visit Europe if you are looking for cheaper offers. In September, the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive is around $500. September 28 is technically the cheapest time of the month to fly to Europe.

Entry requirements for Europe

The most crucial question to ask when planning a trip to Europe is: can you enter the country you are visiting? It is important to be flexible because everything can change at any time. Things can be complicated if you are not well prepared, even for the unexpected. Who knew if a COVID-19 would interfere with so many things? Well, be flexible. The requirements for entering a destination vary from country to country. While some European countries require a PCR test to enter, others do not. It is necessary to know the requirements of the country of departure as well as the destination.

The best summer destinations in Europe

London, United Kingdom

London is the most visited city in the world and has remained a favorite destination for many tourists for their first stopover. For starters, London has many international airports, making it easy to travel to and from the city. Second, communication is easy due to the absence of language barriers, which makes summer holidays a snap for first-time visitors. Finally, London is a world-class city with plenty to eat and see. Some of the renowned places that most tourists visit include;


This is a well-orchestrated traditional neighborhood located in the northern parts of London. Known for its rich tradition and culture, the music here is breathtaking, with rockabillys, punks and gothic tunes filling the air. The streets offer a fantastic mix of piercing and tattoo shops, international cuisines, artwork portrait vendors, clothing, bakeries and restaurants. It’s even more exciting to feel the cool breeze blowing off the Kings Cross River when strolling around after shopping.

London eye

The London Eye is the highlight of the London trip. There was a giant ferry whirlpool built to celebrate the New Year, and because of its ability to offer fantastic views of the city, it was named London’s Eye. At night, the wheel shimmers with seasonal colors. Next door is the London Aquarium which features aquatic creatures from across the universe, such as seahorses, jellyfish and crocodiles.

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Paris, France

The city of Paris guarantees one of the best tourist experiences across Europe. A vacation in this city comes with a solid set of places to visit, culture, and food. Here are the most common attractions in Paris:

Eiffel Tower

It stands at a height of 324 meters and is one of the most visited statues in the world, with an average of 7 million visitors per year. Gustave Eiffel erected the tower in memory of the French Revolution. With all this height, it is possible to climb the tower to the third floor at 275 meters in height and see the office of Gustave Eiffel. The tower offers incredible views of the city of Paris – an unforgettable experience.

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Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of the oldest structures in Peris, built from 1163 to 1345; it is a Roman Catholic cathedral by far, considered the best example of French Gothic architecture in France and Europe. A walk through the 387-step staircase to the top of the towers can be strenuous but will give you panoramic views of the known gargoyles and surrounding area.

Louvre Museum

Located in the center of Paris, the Louvre Art Museum covered an area of ​​two hundred and ten thousand square meters and was built under the mandate of Philip II at the end of the 12th century. It is the most visited art museum in the world and its collections are divided into eight departments. Egyptian antiquities, Oriental, Greek, Etruscan and Roman antiquities, Islamic art, Sculptures from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and modern times, Works of art, Paintings, and finally, Graphic arts.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul has been the victim of political imbalance and security instability for several decades. However, since the situation has calmed down, tourists have been flooding the city in large numbers for the past few years. The city is now one of the most visited places in Europe, receiving almost 14.7 million visitors per year, and is an ideal place for visitors who wish to experience the atmosphere of “East meets West”. The city is home to unique places to visit including the famous street of Istiklal Caddesi among others.

Accommodation in Europe

Accommodation is available in and out of towns offering quiet and lively surroundings. However, pre-booking hotels across Europe has proven affordable, mainly because summer travel is plentiful. Several hotels have friendly rates from London to Paris via Istanbul, starting at $80. But if one is looking for more luxurious accommodation, all budgets are covered.

Europe is suitable for visitors of all ages and interests as there is so much to discover. Planning a trip well is enough to make holidays in Europe enjoyable.