Does JetBlue Vacations have good travel deals?

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Summer is here⁠– a time to plan a well-deserved vacation. There are many ways to plan a trip this summer, including discount booking sites which can save a lot on travel expenses. One of these bundled services is JetBlue Vacations, which offers budget travel packages from the well-known and profitable airline, JetBlue.

What is a JetBlue vacation package?

JetBlue Vacations packages offer customers personalized travel packages that include flights, car rentals, hotel reservations and more.

They also offer VIP travel incentives in the form of “Very Significant Perks” and in-destination deals known as the “Insider Experience” for eligible locations. These two unique benefits provide travelers with truly unique vacation experiences.

Are JetBlue vacations worth it?

While other sites may offer affordable options, JetBlue Vacations offers perks and benefits not guaranteed anywhere else. Here’s what JetBlue Vacations has to offer.

Easy planning

The first is convenience. JetBlue vacations are customizable packages with return flights, cruise accommodations or hotel rooms and car rentals. These packages allow customers to plan and save on their next vacation.

Standard Benefits

JetBlue Vacations also offers customers standard benefits in the travel packages they offer. Keep this in mind when comparing other booking sites:

  • A Customer Assurance team ensures trips are smooth and will contact you if necessary.
  • No typical air travel change fees for booking changes up to seven days before departure.
  • Early boarding for JetBlue Vacations customers.
  • An alcoholic drink offered in flight.

“VIP” treatment

Included with standard benefits, JetBlue Vacations packages offer some very important benefits exclusive to JetBlue Vacations customers. These benefits include:

  • Reduced prices on hotel rooms and restaurants
  • Free airport transfers
  • Late check-out guaranteed
  • Free access to the minibar
  • Free Resort Credits

Keep in mind that benefits differ between vacation packages. They are marked with the “Very Important Perks” flag on the JetBlue Vacations website.

The insider experience

JetBlue Vacations also offers “The Insider Experience” in select vacation packages, especially for those in Aruba, Punta Cana and Cancun.

This experience means that guests receive assistance directly from local experts – insiders trained to provide excellent hospitality and customer service – as soon as they arrive.

Are JetBlue vacations a good deal?

Given all that JetBlue Vacations provides, the question remains whether their travel packages are worth it. They come with amazing perks that are standard for all plans. Additionally, “The Insider Experience” benefits create local connections and unique vacation experiences for guests.

All in all, if a JetBlue Vacations package is cheaper than other sites, it’s definitely worth it – although securing a good deal requires shopping around on other sites.

How do JetBlue Vacations offers compare to the competition?

To see how much JetBlue Vacations packages are worth, let’s compare a Cancun travel package with one from Expedia.

JetBlue Vacations vs. Expedia: Fort Lauderdale, FL to Cancun, MX

If one was booking a five-day, four-night trip to Cancun between late August and early September, for example, JetBlue Vacations would be the better choice than Expedia.

In this case, JetBlue Vacations offers a similar package with better benefits than Expedia and at a lower price. Below is a table showing the differences:

Jet Blue Holidays Expedia
Price for two travelers $1,280.56 $1,557
Advantages – Two return flights from Fort Lauderdale to Cancun
– Early boarding and free drink
– Four-night all-inclusive stay at the Iberostar Quetzal
– Romantic dinner for two
– Hydrotherapy for two
– Complimentary bottle of wine
– Two return flights from Fort Lauderdale to Cancun
– Airport shuttle
– Four-night all-inclusive stay at Sandos Cancún
– Two-hour cruise and ocean tour

JetBlue Vacations vs. Expedia: New York, NY to Punta Cana, DR

Another comparison for a five-day, four-night vacation in late August to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, shows that a beach getaway Expedia’s package is slightly more expensive than a similar package from JetBlue Vacations.

Although this JetBlue Vacations package is only $41.20 less than Expedia’s, it does include some “very important benefits” that can make a significant difference. Here is another comparison chart:

Jet Blue Holidays Expedia
Price for two travelers $1,235.80 $1,277
Advantages – Two return flights from New York to Punta Cana
– Early boarding and free drink
– Four nights at the Dream Punta Cana Resort and Spa
– $100 resort credit
– Hydrotherapy for two
– Complimentary bottle of wine
– Two return flights from New York to Punta Cana
– Airport transportation
– Four nights at the Coral Suites Beach Club and Spa
– Ride a horse

The Pros and Cons of JetBlue Vacations

JetBlue Vacations is a great way to book an upcoming trip, but it’s important to understand its downsides. To make an informed decision, here are the pros and cons of JetBlue Vacations.


There are many benefits to booking through JetBlue Vacations, but here are a few to consider:

  • Best holiday prices: Customers will get the best prices for their trip or receive the difference as a credit.
  • Assistance from travel experts: Trained experts are available 24/7 to discuss vacation plans in great detail.
  • No change or cancellation fees if upgrade: If upgrading their airfare to a JetBlue Vacations package, customers will not incur a change fee.

The inconvenients

JetBlue Vacations offers many perks and perks when booking travel packages through their service. However, here are some cons to consider before booking:

  • Limited number of destinations: Fewer destinations have deals than other travel sites.
  • Low chance of receiving “very large benefits”: Only certain hotels and resorts offer very significant benefits.
  • Few opportunities for “The Insider Experience”: Few locations include Insider Experience support from local affiliates.

How do I book through JetBlue Vacations?

Booking a JetBlue Vacations package is easy. Here’s how it’s filled out online:

  1. Visit the JetBlue Vacations website.
  2. Select a preferred vacation package.
  3. Provide a departure and arrival destination, dates, rooms needed and number of travelers.
  4. Search for packages and select the best offer.

Reservations can also be made by phone anytime at 1-844-JB-VACAY (528-2229). Instances where itineraries have more than one destination or more than seven travelers will require booking by phone. These cannot be made within 72 hours of departure.

What are the best credit cards for JetBlue Vacations?

Using the right credit card to book travel through JetBlue Vacations can be rewarding. Of course, this depends on the particular benefits that come with the card. To get the most out of booking through JetBlue Vacations, consider these credit cards:

Map Advantages Annual fees
JetBlue Mastercard – 3x points on eligible JetBlue purchases
– 2x points on eligible restaurants and grocery stores
– 1x points on all other purchases
No annual fee
Chase Sapphire Reserve Card – 3x points on every dollar spent on travel after the first $300 spent on annual travel purchases
– $300 annual travel credit to offset JetBlue flight purchases
– 60,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 on purchases within the first 3 months of opening an account
Citi Premier Card – 3x points in restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, plane tickets and hotel purchases
– No foreign transaction fees
– Access to Citi transfer partners

Take away food

JetBlue Vacations is a great travel service to consider when book a trip or getaway. Some packages offer amazing deals and savings that can completely transform a vacation experience. However, they are limited.

Overall, the best thing to do is keep JetBlue Vacations in mind along with other booking sites when looking for the best possible deal.

Pricing and promotion information is accurate as of June 17, 2022.

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