Finland Travel Guide: Lapland Northern Lights, Reindeer Rides and European Culture on a Budget


Northern Lights seen in Finland

Strong points

  • December-March is the best time to visit Finland to see the Northern Lights
  • In Finland, you can enjoy reindeer rides and other winter-related activities
  • Finland is the perfect place for your next family vacation

The COVI-19 pandemic has started to recede and the travel industry across the world is ready to make a comeback. Travelers always yearn to discover new places because the thrill of exploring an unknown and unknown destination is unparalleled. One such place that attracts a lot of tourists is Finland and the main attraction is the Northern Lights.

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While the Aurora Borealis appears close to Earth, it actually forms more than 100 kilometers above sea level, when solar winds made up of particles from the sun stir up atmospheric gases. They form breathtaking sights in the sky and if you want to witness them, Lapland in Finland is the place to be.

When is the best time to see the Northern Lights?

Finland is one of the best destinations in Europe to see the Northern Lights. In Lapland, the Northern Lights can be seen with the greatest intensity and frequency. The Northern Lights occur year-round but are only visible during hours of darkness. In winter, when the skies are darkest the longest, the Northern Lights should be seen. The best time to see the Northern Lights in Finland is from December to March.

What else can you do in Finland?

Apart from witnessing the Northern Lights, if one visits during the winters one can indulge in many fun activities. Sleigh rides driven by huskies, snowmobile rides and ice boarding can also be enjoyed.

Perfect family trip to Lapland

If you are going with the family, in addition to seeing the Northern Lights, you can visit and stay in Rovaniemi, considered the official hometown of Santa Claus. Children and elders can also spend time with the reindeer. If you are looking for peace, you can also stay in one of the villages.

Helsinki and other places to visit in Finland

Helsinki has a rich culture. In the capital of Finland, you can admire the architecture and enjoy the food and the atmosphere. In Levi you can go skiing and reindeer rides. Tampere, the lake city, is called the sauna capital of the world.

Budget to visit Finland

The average expenditure for a couple in Finland on a day is Rs 11,000 or more.