Forbes Travel Guide partners with Los Cabos to improve tourist experience

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Forbes Travel Guides has announced that Los Cabos will be the first global destination it will partner with to enhance and elevate the tourist experience.

As partners, Forbes will help Los Cabos implement a plan to encourage first-class hospitality, provide people with better destination knowledge, continually improve visitor health and safety, and build reputation. of Los Cabos.

The partnership will also include comprehensive training to ensure the highest standards are maintained across all hotels, restaurants, tours and events.

Rodrigo Esponda, General Manager of the Los Cabos Tourism Board, said “High hospitality is at the heart of Los Cabos, which is why the health and safety of our visitors and our community has always been our priority. absolute”.

He continued: “The partnership with Forbes Travel Guide […] reinforces our commitment to ensure the implementation of the highest standards of service. It will also strengthen the local tourism industry by providing training tools for tourism businesses”.

Forbes Travel Guides CEO Hermann Elger also said, “Today’s visitors are looking for a sense of connection and not just a place to hang out. This connection comes from the people they spend time with during their stay.”

“Los Cabos already recognizes that investing in the hospitality industry supports a consistent, warm and positive experience that helps foster visitor satisfaction and tourism growth, thereby benefiting the population,” Elger continued.

Forbes Travel Guide is the world’s authority on “five star service”, which has created a classification system for hotels in this category. Today, they offer professional development resources for the most prestigious brands in the world.

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The relationship between Forbes Travel Guides and Los Cabos began in March 2021, when the area received a Sharecare Health Safety Audit, which relates to protocols and best practices in relation to Covid-19 and other health risks. This has made it the first health-verified tourist destination in the world.

Tourism is currently the primary focus of Los Cabos and is a vital economic contributor to the region, particularly in Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. It accounts for up to 80% of the local economy, but also impacts residents, 90% of whom depend on or work in the tourism industry.

By the end of 2022, Los Cabos is on track to receive 7 million visitors this year, which is unprecedented in the region and demonstrates the growing importance of the tourism sector.

The partnership with Forbes is just one of the many awards and accolades Los Cabos has garnered this year. In June, Los Cabos was voted a world tourism powerhouse by the International Tourism Association.

Other positive references for the region include the cleanest beaches in Mexico, the most certified tour guides, and the most LGBT-friendly destination in the world.

Los Cabos authorities are keen to take advantage of new opportunities to improve the tourism industry, including hosting major sporting events such as the recently concluded Tennis Open, and hosting a variety of festivals and programs to enhance the experience. visitors.

A new Four Seasons hotel will also open in 2023, one of many hotel projects underway in the region to cater to the large number of tourists. Currently, hotels in Los Cabos have maintained 70% capacity throughout the year, although some months have and will reach 100% capacity, highlighting the need for more accommodations.

Airbnb is currently filling this gap in the market, with Los Cabos being among the most luxurious and expensive in the world. The area was recently voted as having the highest rated Airbnbs in Mexico.

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