Japanese travel site Matcha launches crowdfunding platform to support tourist sites

japan travel site matcha threw Japan tomorrow, a crowdfunding platform designed to help local sites, special projects and disaster relief efforts that have suffered from the lack of tourists this year.

Anyone who helps fund a project will receive products or services in return for their contribution. This is a great opportunity to discover new places to add to your next Japan travel itinerary. The website is currently offered in four different languages ​​- Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, and Thai, and accepts payment in most currencies.

Here are the three projects underway on the site:

Photo: NIPPONIA 源流 の 村

1. Stay in a traditional house and support the village of Kosuge

Just a two hour drive from Tokyo is Kosuge in Yamanashi Prefecture. The small village was once home to 2,200 people, but the population has fallen to around 700. Hotel Nipponia aims to boost tourism by transforming traditional local houses into hotels, guesthouses, spas and restaurants. The contributions go towards the conversion costs and can even earn you a discounted stay in one of the old historic houses in the village.

Japan tomorrow
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2. Preserving the ancient Japanese pilgrimage network of Kumano Kodo

The Kumano Kodo is an ancient hiking route for pilgrims in the Kansai region that takes you to temples and shrines backed by scenic mountains and countryside. It is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, but has seen an extreme drop in visitor numbers this year. Donations will be spent to support and maintain walking trails, signage, maps and more.

Japan tomorrow

3. Sekai Hotel: Fuse local shopping district in Osaka

The mission of the Sekai Hotel is to support the shitamachi (downtown) of Osaka. The hotel is located in the Miako-machi Shotengai shopping area in the Fuse district. It’s a bit off the beaten path for tourists, but the hotel directly supports local businesses and community education. Your contributions will help this socially responsible accommodation survive the current tourism shortage.

Keep an eye on the site for more about other crowdfunding campaigns as they are announced.

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