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BEIJING, January 12 (BelTA – China Daily). – World of Chinese magazine published Jilin: Land of Mystery, the latest English-language travel and culture guide to Jilin province (northeast China), at The Commercial Press offices in the Wangfujing district of Beijing.

Subtitled “Journey to the New Northeast China”, the book is the result of the joint efforts of a team of writers, editors and photographers from six countries – China, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand and Australia – who traveled to Jilin over a three-year period to gather information from the field about the places, experiences and people that make up the stories in the book.

Land of Mystery sets itself apart from other travel books with its magazine-style storytelling, featuring stories, interviews, and first-person testimonials from people living in Jilin. Illustrated maps, lists of scenic spots, and introductions to local cuisines come with profiles of the pine nut pickers and conservationists behind these attractions, along with guides to helpful Chinese phrases and the northeastern dialect. (Dongbei).

“Land of Mystery was born from the collaboration between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Jilin Province and The Commercial Press, to bring an international perspective to the heart of northeast China and to use the English to discover and deliver Jilin’s most compelling stories. “Yang Andi, head of the Culture and Tourism Department of Jilin Province, said in his opening video address at the book launch event.

The event, hosted by TWOC Editor-in-Chief Chu Dandan and Marketing Director Dragos Cacio, also featured speeches by Chen Mingming, Vice President of the China Translation Association and former Chinese Ambassador to Sweden and New Zealand. , and Gu Qing, managing director of The Commercial Press. “It’s quite different from any book on Chinese provinces I’ve ever seen,” Chen said in his speech.

“You took the photos yourself and wrote the text yourself – it was not translated from Chinese – and therefore the book is very readable,” said Chen, one of the consultants and early readers. of the book, to the team behind the project. . “When I got to the end of the project, my job was to see if the writing was good, but when I read the book I forgot what I was supposed to do. I was absorbed.

TWOC Editor-in-Chief Alex Colville read an excerpt from the book on the Chagan Lake Ice Fishing Tradition, adapted from Tina Xu’s “Ice and Men” magazine article and featuring a photograph of Xu who won an honorable mention in the category of Excellence in Photography. at the 2021 Awards of the Society of Publishers in Asia.

TWOC editor-in-chief Hatty Liu and deputy editor-in-chief Sam Davies discussed what it was like to travel to Jilin and work on the book, agreeing that snow sports and hospitable locals , some of which towed the writers’ car out of a muddy ditch, then treated to a midnight feast, on a hectic research trip near Baicheng, are the area’s biggest tourist draws.