Lake Minnesota Overview #11,843: Lake Chipotle

The Land of 10,000 Lakes has gained another, with a flood-prone Chipotle parking lot in Minneapolis, known as “Lake Chipotle” to locals, gaining notoriety.

The existence of “Lake Chipotle,” the large swimming pool piling up outside Chipotle at 2600 Hennepin Avenue South, has been a common source of discussion on Twitter thanks to people like @WedgeLive for a few years now.

But it’s growing in prominence on TikTok following a video posted Wednesday by Owen Maupin, which shows Lake Chipotle listed on Google Maps with the caption “preserving our history.”

The google tag seems to have been removed now, but at one time Lake Chipotle was one of the city’s top tourist attractions.

The lake was the subject of a recent Reddit thread called Uptown Chipotle Pool Appreciation Stationwhich someone quickly corrected with “*Lake Chipotle”, and the “lake” even has its own website, www.lakechipotle.orgwhich appears to have been uploaded on April 8.

“The content of is not copyrighted and we strongly support community ownership of this piece,” reads a disclaimer at the bottom of the website.

The website features “visitor-submitted” photos of the flooded parking lot and invites visitors to support the Hennepin Avenue redesign plans shared on hennepinforthepeople.orgwhich calls for greater amenities for transit, bicycles and pedestrians along the busy corridor.

Bring Me The News contacted the website and received a response from an individual named “Father Hennepin”, who said there were currently no plans to offer guided tours at the destination.

“However, you are free to survey the natural beauty on foot,” the response read. “Please exercise caution as this landmark has been increasingly overrun by capitalists and their motorized vehicles.”

Father Hennepin continued to say that the same forces are “attacking our landmark status” with Lake Chipotle being removed from Google Maps for the second time in weeks.

“As the lake can recede during the warmer months, don’t worry because it will come back!” the signing email.