One-year program planned to convert Irikkur into a tourist hub

In a bid to promote Irikkur as a tourist destination and attract investment, a one-year program including an investor meeting is being organized, said Sajeev Joseph, MLA.

Speaking to the media, the MP said that many tourists visit the mountainous regions of Kannur to enjoy the serene surroundings. Lately, places such as Paithalamala, Kanjirakolli, Palakkayam Thattu, Kappimala and several religious places are witnessing a huge influx of tourists.

Despite the influx of tourists, the region currently lacks adequate infrastructure and accommodation facilities. Several investors have shown interest and are ready to set up environmentally friendly facilities that will also support the local population. A meeting of investors was scheduled for the first week of October, said Mr. Joseph. It is expected to be followed by around 100 investors from home and abroad.

Prior to the investor meeting, cluster meetings at the local level, including the panchayats and the municipality, will be organized to sensitize the population. An international tourism meeting, scheduled for December, will address issues facing farmers. About 500 homestays are planned in the area for tourists. Those willing to give land for rent to investors and for various other activities would be encouraged, Mr. Joseph said.

A month-long international mountain festival will also be held, he said.