Our Travel Guide Volume 3 which does not reach its climax is to publish the book “Not-So-Lonely Planet Travel Guide”

It’s exciting to visit the area you recognize.

The tripogue around the world based on the adventures of Asahi and Mitsuki traveled across the country together has reached a destination for readers who know it very well in Anime UK News: London! And they arrived just in time to stay with Mitsuki’s old friend Kaoru just to see this new year. First, they want to see all the London sights they know from the film: Buckingham Palace; Paddington Bear at Paddington Station; Peter Pan at Kensington Gardens; Kings Cross Station; then have afternoon tea at the Goring Hotel. As Paul’s roommate, the next day they travel to Edinburgh to visit Scotland’s capital (and possibly test them a lot).

Despite all the visits, there is a certain tension. Asahi is still adamant they shouldn’t tell their friends or family that he and Mitsuki are a couple until, to Mitsuki’s surprise, he admits they are together (his ring is somehow a gift). Then the hell of a roommate Paul comes over and tells a story about him as they chat. He also says he’s gay. When the four of them visit a hotel in Scotland, Paul suggests that they share a room with Asahi and Mitsuki with Kaoru. Mitsukis is not at all happy with this arrangement, but he is able to explore with Kaoru what he thinks of the round trip and what will happen the next day when he returns home.

We learn more about how Asahi and Mitsuki met in high school and come to realize that even then they didn’t really meet and they might all see each other again.

In London, the two had planned to take a New Year’s Eve boat to the south coast (and, surprisingly, transport was all working, but here we are) and an invigorating walk to see the Seven Sisters. I’m not surprised they’re too exhausted to see the New Year approach midnight and the fireworks begin.

Another stop is Barcelona and the architectural treasures created by Gaudi, starting with the Sagrada Familia (which is still under construction) before meeting Paul, who is in Spain on business, for tapas, paella and sangria, and a heart stroke. be. To do this, Mitsuki’s English still isn’t as good, and so Asahi has to continue translating and Paul has to make a startling confession.

The next destination in this volume is Morocco (and a salutary reminder from the free-spirited Asahi Mitsuki that same-sex relations are illegal there) and then a trip to the Sahara Desert, including camel riding!

There is no doubt that British readers are eager to read this volume. In this book, you can read all the stories Mitsuki and Asahi have about their whirlwind tour of our shores (in winter too!). And given that Mone Sorai shows us the same country under the eyes of its two protagonists, so far they explain their evolution, especially as their changing relationship becomes apparent, as with their old saying. From afar, whoever you go, you take the relationship with you. Even though Mitsukis hates flying, leaving the London Eye a nightmare for him (if I can understand!) as he sways between Asahi and Kaoru, he’s unable to gaze at the beautiful sights of London at night.

This volume explores how Mitsuki and Asahi feel when they recall their first meeting in high school and how their relationship changed. The fact that they are both talking with Kaoru and Paul both talking at the same time gives us their different perspectives and is very interesting. Asahi, who was very worried about how people would react to his relationship with Mitsuki and Mone Sorai, does not grow in the minds of my readers as to whether the two men will survive the trip and return to Japan true to their own feelings. Is the ceremony of promises planned? We notice which Asahis texts are from his mother and brother and realize that he avoided communicating with them. Would she disapprove of that?

Mone Sorais’ artistic skills amaze with both his intricate and imaginative depiction of the (alien) Sagrada Familia and his engaging food presentations. This story has always been about two travelers looking to learn new culinary experiences around the world and take in all the sights. (Although fish and chips are more frequently on the menu, which country do you want to guess? There’s also a bonus travel chapter at the end.

The Tokyopop translation is done by Katie Kimura. It covers all the text and vocabulary of the new countries: Great Britain, Spain and Morocco. The digital version was reviewed here, followed by the physical book, as well as, in this case, in January 2023.

This is a second reading volume of “Mone Sorais”, an animated series with a lot of information about the countries visited and little cultural exploration. It is an ideal portrait of a same-sex relationship and navigates the ups and downs of life and travels and journeys together, while presenting a realistic and believable portrait of the relationship that is not far from the other LGBTQIA+ anime. Recommended and, given the Teen rating, young readers will be able to read it.

A second volume is not yet known in Japan, but the final chapter has been available in Japanese for a while now. MAGCOMI (Mag Garden Online): The Way We Run on Earth, Soraimone, Episode 27 | MAGCOMI.