Paros, travel guide to Greece: where to stay, eat and shop according to Margherita Missoni

Mario, in Nassoua, transforms the town’s main square into his dining room. Turquoise chairs and tables spread across the stones, and as the sun sets, there’s not an empty seat in sight as patrons drink local wines and dine on ceviche or the fresh grilled fish of the day. . “It’s really magical,” Missoni says of Mario. His must-have dish? “The marinated zucchini salad – it was amazing.”

Tsachpinis, a restaurant owned by Mario’s brother that focuses on traditional Greek dishes, is next door. (You can tell the two apart by their chair colors — Tsachpini’s are royal blue.)

Where to visit: Panagia Katapoliani

Missoni in the baptistery of Panagia Katapoliani, a Byzantine church that dates back to 326 AC.

Courtesy of Margherita Missoni

While yes, the beach is Paros’ main attraction, Missoni has an additional suggestion: Panagia Katapoliani. The Byzantine church, which dates back to 326 AD, was built even before Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire. “It is one of the most miraculous churches in Greece,” says Missoni.

The interior is a work of art: paintings of religious icons, done in Byzantine’s signature golden color palette with flat figures, adorn the walls. Many are covered with a Riza (or, a sheet intended to protect the work). Two golden chandeliers descend from the ceiling. Votive offerings hang delicately in front of icons, including silver fish, emblematic of the Aegean island’s hardworking fishing communities.

Or buy

Missoni shopping in Paros.

Courtesy of Margherita Missoni

Charming boutiques abound in Parikia and Nassoua. The best advice? Just wander the winding, flower-lined, sun-drenched streets and see where you are. Missoni stopped at Retro Greco, a vintage shop in Parikia, to also buy some old-school Paros souvenir t-shirts. like antique dealer Moods. At Anthologist — the second outpost of Andria Mitsakos’ impeccably curated furniture, homewares, clothing and jewelry boutique — she bought bathing suits for her kids and boxes of vintage matches for her friends. friends. “It’s a great vacation souvenir,” she says of the keepsake.