Peloponnese: Leonidion will soon get a tourist information kiosk

Peloponnese Governor Panagiotis Nikas and South Kynouria Mayor Charalambos Lysikatos

A new tourist information booth is about to open its doors in the city of Leonidion in the Peloponnese, following the signing of an agreement between the Peloponnese Region and the Municipality of South Kynouria.

Leonidion is part of the South Kynouriean area of ​​unique natural beauty located in Arcadia in the eastern part of the Peloponnese.

Leonidion, South Kynouria. Photo source:

The Leonidion Tourist Information Kiosk will open soon to provide visitors to the destination with information on archaeological sites, museums, cultural spaces, accommodation, dining and entertainment in the area.

In addition, it will contribute to the region’s efforts to promote the destination and increase tourist flows as well as collect valuable data that could support the region’s tourism strategy.

As announced, the region will undertake the kiosk construction project while the municipality will provide the personnel necessary for its operation.

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Leonidion includes a number of Byzantine monuments and monasteries, as well as renowned rock climbing spots.

“The region’s agreement with the Municipality of South Kynouria will also support initiatives that promote local tradition and the unique character of the region,” said the Governor of Peloponnese. Panagiotis Nikas said.

The Governor also referred to the efforts made by the local authorities to promote rock climbing activities and cultural tourism in Leonidion.

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