Port foreshore – working on a compromise – News Of The Area

DEAR News from the Region,

For most of the last 30 years anyone using Jetty Beach couldn’t buy a drink or an ice cream and couldn’t find a restroom, and this was in a major tourist town!

When the development of the northern end of the beach was proposed a few years ago, there was still opposition.

Now it has never been so popular.

Surely our city is mature enough to have a reasonable discussion about how to create decent facilities on the foreshore, rather than rushing to oppose whatever happens.

The government is not going to give the land to the council and the council does not have the money to fund major community facilities.

Obviously, the state government wants to cover the cost of upgrading public facilities by selling some of its land west of Jordan Esplanade.

Obviously, the biggest returns would come from the sale to developers of residential units. Permanent residential accommodation is clearly opposed by many locals, but there seems to be less concern about tourist accommodation.

Perhaps there is room for compromise by building short-term tourist accommodation as well as tourist-oriented commercial developments and restaurants and bars west of Jordan Esplanade.

If these development options do not produce the high yields of residential unit sites for the government, the community accepts a reduced level of open space community facilities built east of the road.

Instead of opposing any meaningful development on the foreshore, let’s consider negotiating a compromise blueprint acceptable to reasonable people on both sides.

Paul McKeon,
Coff’s Harbour.