Thailand’s “Satun Province” is set to host the 7th Asia-Pacific Geoparks Network (APGN) Symposium 2022

This year’s Geopark Networking Conference will be held in person under the theme “UNESCO Global Geoparks Building Sustainable Communities”.

Bangkok, Thailand – The 7th Asia-Pacific Geoparks Network (APGN) Symposium 2022 is scheduled for September 4-11, 2022 at Songkhla Rajabhat University, Satun Campus and UNESCO Global Geoparks covering four districts of Satun, including Mueang Satun, La-Ngu, Thung Wa and Manang, as well as other key sites in the province. This year’s Geopark Networking Conference will be held in person under the theme “UNESCO Global Geoparks Build Sustainable Communities” to foster collaboration and engagement with a common goal to achieve geographic sustainability. The 7th APGN 2022 in Satun includes representatives from UNESCO Global Geoparks Council, GGN Board, APGN Advisory Committees, APGN Committees, APGN Members from Countries Asia-Pacific, members of Geoparks network in Thailand, tourism communities in designated Geoparks and delegates from relevant public and private sector organizations and educational institutions, totaling more than 1,000 participants.

Mr. Pongboon Pongthong, The Director General of the Department of Mineral Resources, said that the objective of the 7th APGN 2022 is to strengthen the commitment of the members of the Geoparks network in order to advance the geographical development frameworks initiated within the framework of the Global Geoparks Network of UNESCO in Asia-Pacific as well as to strengthen collaboration. with other geoparks in other countries around the world, including the geopark network in Thailand. The capacity to host the symposium serves as a benchmark for evaluating the effectiveness for a renewal of the status of the geopark network in Satun. In addition, it aims to promote tourist destinations, the natural beauty of geoparks and marine excursions in the province. Both Thai and foreign participants will be able to recognize the unique identities of communities in Geoparks such as art and culture, local wisdom and tradition, and a distinctive way of life.

Governor of Satun Ekkarat Leesen said Satun is ready to host the 7th APGN 2022 with standard infrastructure, conference facilities, venues and accommodations in place to accommodate Asia-Pacific participants. They will experience the uniqueness of Thai hospitality and the beauty of Thai friendliness. In addition, parallel activities will be organized simultaneously within the framework of the APGN, such as Geofair, the exhibition on intangible heritage, exhibition stands displaying a range of unique products produced in global geoparks as well as a range of local products. Participants will be guided to discover 3 GeoTrails to EnvironmentExcursion.

Satun is developed under the concept “Ecotourism, Geoparks, Economic Prosperity, Viable Society, Sustainable Peace, Gateway to ASEAN”. It focuses on sustainable economic development to create added value by strengthening the province’s unique selling propositions such as the geopark network, ecotourism, agricultural products and geographic advantage as a gateway of ASEAN. Satun is committed to becoming a sustainable Geopark tourism destination to help revitalize the tourism industry in the region for inclusive and sustainable economic growth.