The People’s Climate Festival in Middelfart –

The Festival of Peoples for the Climate or Klimafolkemodet, is an annual event in the Danish city of Middelfart, EDEN 2022 winner, designed to prioritize the climate. The 3-day event is a call to action that puts climate at the top of the agenda.

The annual People’s Climate Festival Klimafolkemodet, is an annual 3-day event held in the Danish city of Middelfart from September 1-3, 2022. Middelfart is the European Destination of Excellence (EDEN) 2022.

EDEN is a competition organized by the European Commission to discover and reward small European destinations that stand out as pioneers in sustainable tourism. These destinations that receive the title for one year are models in sustainable tourism practices and Middelfart is no exception.

According to the European Commission, “Middelfart is a model for the rest of Europe, it pushes the boundaries of sustainable tourism and sets the stage for a greener and more climate-friendly future in Europe”. With this award, the European Commission is committed to helping European destinations become greener and more inclusive.

Middelfart enjoys growing recognition across Europe for its sustainable policy that “integrates climate protection into all political, economic and infrastructural decisions”, as mayor Johannes Lundsfryd Jensen described it. As a result, in 2019 the People’s Climate Festival has been transformed into a national event with the express aim of finding a solution to the climate challenge and inspiring policy makers and stakeholders as well as businesses and organizations to act together.

Connie Hedegaard, former European Commissioner for Climate Change, noted that“The political anchoring of the climate agenda in the city of Middelfart is unique. The Municipality of Middelfart is one of the first political organizations in the world to integrate climate and sustainability into all issues presented to the municipal council – not to mention the fact that we pride ourselves on ensuring that actions speak louder than words. words. The climate agenda is visible in Middelfart and involves everyone all year round, but especially during the People’s Climate Festival, which in just three years has become a national success with international potential”.

In 2021 between 8,000 and 10,000 people attended the People’s Climate Festival, making it the biggest edition to date. Morten Westergaard, climate and sustainability manager at the Municipality of Middelfart, sees the People’s Climate Festival as proof that “even if you’re a small destination, you can achieve great climate and sustainability results”. Mr. Westergaard notes that what sets this festival apart is that “it’s for people, not big business talking, but ordinary people, artists, activists and NGOs who come to meet to discuss sustainability and climate”. For Middelfart, the event builds on its continued growth over the years. The event builds on its steady growth over the years. This year’s edition aims to make the event bigger and more impactful than previous editions.

The climate festival includes many events, seminars, workshops, concerts and activities that will take place in Middelfart from September 1 to 3, 2022. The program is filled with events hosted and organized by a number of organizations. The festival is completely non-commercial and participation is free.

Middelfart himself is not without interest in the question. Located in the heart of the Little Belt Natural Park, which is home to the densest population of small whales in Europe, it promotes a strategy of collective responsibility towards the flora and fauna that surround it. Beyond that, Middelfart hosts a range of certified sustainable accommodation options for tourism and professional festivals, making it one of Denmark’s top destinations for festivals and conventions. Middelfart is “go green” in all aspects of its political and social development, of which the People’s Climate Festival is a more than suitable summit. With the express purpose of inspiring and calling to action all those involved in “Finding a solution to the climate challengeMiddelfart is a lasting pioneer that should be kept in mind.

For more information on the European destination of excellence 2022 visit the website and download free for Best Practices Report for an overview of what destinations across Europe are doing to make European tourism sustainable.

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