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There is a lot to see and do in the city of Melbourne, so creating a concrete travel itinerary can be difficult. Photo provided

Looking to plan your very first trip to Melbourne? While you may already know there’s plenty to see and do in the city of Melbourne, it can be difficult to map out a concrete travel itinerary when visiting this booming urban hub.

Where do you even start when planning a trip to a city with a veritable abundance of attractions, activities and experiences to enjoy? Even looking accommodation in melbourne can be an ordeal in itself, simply because of the plethora of accommodation options available to you.

We’ve provided a small overview of all of Melbourne’s top attractions and itinerary items for all first-time visitors to consider, ranging from things to see and do in Melbourne’s CBD as well as downtown attractions- city ​​and even countryside for anyone looking to breathe in the fresh Victorian country air during their stay in Australia’s cultural capital.

Read on to help you get started on your own Melbourne travel itinerary planning.

Stroll through the downtown shops

Did you know that in addition to being the cultural capital of the country, Melbourne is also the fashion capital of Australia? This means that a few good days of shopping are an absolute must to add to your Melbourne travel itinerary.

There’s a plethora of shops dotting the streets of downtown Melbourne, with suburbs like Prahran, South Yarra, Fitzroy and Armadale being particularly popular among discerning shoppers. For those who enjoy bargain hunting, savings or finding truly hidden gems, a trip around the city Queen Victoria Market or South Melbourne Market is also sure to make some unique additions to your personal wardrobe.

What if you had more luxurious tastes? Luckily, visitors to Melbourne can also shop for some of the world’s most famous international designer brands. If you want to add a designer touch to your look, consider finding accommodation just off Melbourne’s luxury shopping street which is at the northern end of Collins Street.

Those who stay at Windsor Hotel Melbourne can enjoy world-class shopping right outside their door. For those staying elsewhere in the CBD, all of Melbourne’s high-end fashion retailers are also easily accessible by tram and perhaps even without having to purchase a Myki travel card, thanks to the city’s free tram zone .

Enjoy fine dining in Melbourne’s CBD

Melbourne is particularly known for being a foodie’s paradise, with plenty of cafes, restaurants and eating establishments to choose from, some of which are even world famous. The city’s dining experiences are in fact so iconic that there’s a list of essential dishes which all new visitors should consider trying in order to get the most out of their Melbourne experience.

This list contains culinary delights suitable for all types of foodies. For example, baking enthusiasts can sample the world’s best croissant at Melbourne’s own Moon Croissanterie.

Any foodies with dietary restrictions can also enjoy highly adaptable menus across Melbourne, with some of Melbourne’s most popular restaurants offering full vegan menus as well as low FODMAP and gluten-free options for total inclusion . Some from Melbourne best vegan restaurants include Vegie Bar in Fitzroy, The Cornish Arms in Brunswick and Sister of Soul in St Kilda, with dozens more in between.

Explore the city’s arts district

Of course, immersing yourself in some of the arts and culture is intrinsic when visiting Australia’s cultural capital, which is why all first-time visitors to the city of Melbourne should definitely build a day into their itinerary to explore some of the city’s art galleries and maybe even catch a theater performance.

Melbourne’s Arts District happens to be home to the National Gallery of Victoria, which houses a fantastic collection of paintings, sculptures and artefacts from around the world. CNG also maintains a strong Event calendarwith many limited-time exhibitions throughout the year.

After a good stroll through a few galleries, head to the city’s arts center to enjoy world-class theatre. The Arts Quarter is also home to the headquarters of MTC (Melbourne Theater Company) at the Southbank Theater on Southbank Boulevard, which also features a collection of contemporary theater productions that any comedian is sure to enjoy.

What about street art fans? Fortunately, Melbourne is no stranger to this humble art form either. Just head to Alley of the hosiers to view the works of some of the city’s most prolific street artists. Just be sure to take plenty of photos while you’re there!

This ever-changing alley is truly a chameleon, with artists adding to the alley’s rich tapestry every day. No two trips to Hosier Lane will ever be the same.

Swim at Melbourne’s best beaches

As a coastal city, Melbourne is also home to some fantastic beaches, including St Kilda Beach, Brighton Beach and Sandringham Beach, which are at the end of the Sandringham train line. Beachgoers can enjoy sunbathing, swimming or even saltwater kayaking and other water sports all year round, although summer is when Melbourne’s beaches come alive. We recommend snapping some photos of iconic Brighton Beach Bath boxes.

For those happy to go a little further afield for a bit of beachside bliss, consider carving some time into your travel itinerary to visit Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula or maybe even Phillip Island. These two adjacent coastal destinations offer their own attractions, with Mornington Hot Springs and the Phillip Island Penguin Parade being favorites with tourists and locals alike.

As you can see, Melbourne isn’t considered Australia’s cultural capital for good reason. All of the superb culinary, cultural and outdoor experiences that make up this bustling city and its leafy surroundings are precisely what cements Melbourne as one of Australia’s top tourist destinations for international and domestic travellers.

If you can add just one or two of these little travel suggestions to your own Melbourne travel itinerary, chances are you can enjoy a great stay in this truly every city dweller’s dream.