Welcome to Morzine – Travel Guide

Morzine, a French ski resort, is located near the Swiss border at an altitude of 1000 meters. Despite a large number of visitors, it has been able to retain its historic look and quaint Alpine town vibe, with quaint streets, an old church and conventional wooden huts. At the same time, the resort offers all the latest amenities. Note that the resort has received the Family Plus family label, which guarantees visitors of all ages a pleasant holiday.

The ski resort of Morzin offers the most diverse ski runs, as well as many popular off-piste skiing opportunities, such as fresh snow off-piste and “no-hike” ski runs. Visitors from all over the world are drawn to Morzin ski tours by the democratic environment, affordable accommodation costs, established infrastructure and specific group circumstances.

How to go there?

You must land at Geneva airport, located 75 kilometers from the tourist destination, to reach this magnificent ski resort. After choosing Geneva airport to arrive at the ski resort of Morzine, the aerial flight will take place on a comfortable liner. There are many ways to get to Morzin ski resort. The Transfer AtoB Geneva to Morzine will be your best option if you don’t know how to get to Morzin on your own.

To ensure that the passenger is comfortable and can reach his destination at the indicated time without delay, every action of the AtoB Geneva airport transfer is brought to automation. If you are used to taking the train, you must go to Cluses or Thonon-les-Bains station, where you can then take a bus or an airport transfer.

Weather in Morzin

Welcome to Morzine - Travel Guide

The tourist season in Morzin starts in December and lasts until April if you don’t know when to visit. For downhill skiing, snowmobiling and other winter sports, this is the best time to visit Morzine due to the weather. Even in harsh winters, the climate of the local mountainous region is very warm and suitable for skiing on the snowy slopes. If you check the weather forecast for Morzine in winter, you will see that neither daytime nor nighttime lows drop below zero.

However, if you choose the right days in summer, you can take the airport transfer and see how the once snow-covered slopes now have green hills and meadows that are just as beautiful as in winter. Keep in mind that when visiting this ski resort in winter, you should check the weather in Morzine every three days to avoid unexpected gusts of wind and rainfall that could trigger avalanches.

Trails, Slopes, Lifts

Welcome to Morzine - Travel Guide

Everyone can ski on the 308 slopes of the Morzin ski resort, which is covered in snow from December to the end of April. One can only notice the breathtaking panorama that unfolds from the peaks of the rolling landscape when one examines the ski slopes of Morzin in more detail. The ski slopes are located directly above sea level, between 1000 and 2460 meters. The longest ski run is 11 km.

The majority of the slopes are suitable for beginners in terms of the complexity of the slopes. Medium-difficulty trails come in second, while more perilous and winding trails come in third. On arriving in this pretty town, you will notice that the ski slopes in Morzine are quite diverse and that several of them lead right up to the hotels.

Ski schools

There are six ski schools in Morzine at the height of the tourist season, where qualified ski instructors can teach you how to snowboard and ski as well as perform basic tricks. You need to buy a ski school pass not for one day, but for several of them in order to learn the basics of skiing. Group classes are considered cheaper.

local cuisine

Welcome to Morzine - Travel Guide

Many restaurants in Morzine, France, specializing in Savoyard, French, Italian or international cuisine. The mountain is home to many institutions, including the Snack du Pléney self-service restaurant, the vast Les Mouilles terraces, the picturesque mountain chalet L’Atray des Neiges, etc. Take the AtoB Morzine transfer to reach the city center. Because the resort’s main dining room is where the majority of the restaurants are.

Visitors who prefer frequent dining in Morzine restaurants can benefit from the Pass’Gourmet incentive program. You can eat at significantly lower prices at 33 restaurants in the resort with its help. Each cardholder will also be able to participate in a raffle for a coupon or a free ski pass by collecting six stamps after lunch or dinner.