What makes a Forbes travel guide five stars?

Source: Forbes Travel Guide

When Forbes Travel Guide’s expert inspectors visit a property, they anonymously test it against 900 rigorous standards. Only the best of the best earn the coveted five stars, our highest rating. In anticipation of the announcement of our 2022 Star Award winners on April 26, we’re giving you an overview of what it takes to win a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star award.

Luxurious beds

There’s nothing quite like a big hotel bed. So what makes a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star bed? The mattress should be of exceptional quality, the sheets should be soft and comfortable, the pillows should be full, plump and judiciously placed on the bed. Beyond luxury bedding, the guest bedroom should also include other elements that help you sleep well. Our inspectors look for soundproofing measures, effective blackout curtains and even special touches, such as aromatherapy or sound devices to lull you into a good night’s sleep.

Distinctive drinks

At a five-star Forbes Travel Guide bar or lounge, you should not only be able to order a cocktail, but also learn how the property wants you to experience its libation. Could a simple gin and tonic come with a modified club service, ice cubes with frozen juniper berries inside, homemade tonic water, or tonic water specifically chosen for the type of gin you have ordered as it is the perfect balance of quinine and botanicals in the spirit?

supreme service

A member of staff at a Forbes Travel Guide five-star hotel must not only be extremely professional, but also demonstrate intuitive, attentive and far-sighted service. Does the staff seem to magically know what you want, before you even ask? Does the bellhop know you’re there for a work trip and offer ironing and shoe shine service so you look immaculate before a meeting? Does the concierge not only provide dinner reservations and driving directions, but call ahead to ensure you get the best table in the restaurant?

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