What to avoid doing in the Bahamas: a beginner’s guide

Millions of travelers are drawn to beautiful sandy beaches, upscale accommodations, colorful shopping, and scuba diving excursions to the more than 700 islands that make up the Bahamas. There is something for everyone in this destination, thanks to the wide range of activities that the string of islands offers. Unspoilt areas like Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve in Eleuthera and Lucayan National Park on Grand Bahama Island are havens for naturists. Ancient ruins and artifacts dating back to the colonial period, where historians can get lost in an incredible long history. While nearly every interest and taste is represented in the Bahamas, there are a few things travelers should avoid when visiting this destination.

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Time of year to avoid visiting the Bahamas

While the Bahamas enjoys splendid weather all year round, visitors should avoid traveling to the destination at certain times of the year.


While spring seems like the perfect time of year to escape the crushing snow and freezing temperatures in the United States, it also means travelers shouldn’t travel at this time, especially if looking stick to your budget when exploring the Bahamas. Travelers should avoid leaving the Bahamas during spring break as the season comes with wild parties and a rise in hotel and flight prices. If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation in the Caribbean, you have to wait until after spring break.

the hurricane

The hurricane is most likely to occur in August, September and October, making this time the worst time of year to think about visiting the Bahamas. Hurricanes are most likely to affect Grand Bahama, Andros, and Abaco Islands, and many visitors try to avoid leaving during this time. The National Hurricane Center website is a good resource for finding information about hurricanes in the Bahamas.


Christmas and the New Year mark the start of the Bahamas’ peak tourist season. During this time, travelers will struggle to find comfortable accommodation in the area unless they book at least three months in advance of their visit. This is not a good time of year to travel to the Bahamas if you want to avoid high prices. Perhaps visit this area from mid-January, which is generally quiet, and perfect for relaxing and enjoying lower prices.


Another time of year to explore the Bahamas is Easter. Public holidays, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday come with most locals closing their restaurants and shops. Many public services are also inaccessible at this time, resulting in difficult holidays. Travelers visiting the Bahamas at this time may end up spending all their time at the hotel or resort as most services, even popular attractions, are inaccessible during the holidays. Those looking to discover and lose themselves in its deeply rooted culture should explore the region at this time. They should be spending the Easter holiday with family and friends, not in the Bahamas.

Tourist traps to avoid in the Bahamas

Being the capital of the Bahamas, many travelers strive to get to Nassau, especially for its spectacular beaches. Moreover, its accessibility, especially when it comes to getting there by plane, makes it an obvious choice of holiday destination for many tourists. Travelers should avoid visiting the beaches of Nassau unless they are prepared to face large crowds of other visitors flocking to the beaches. More than three and a half million visitors arrive in Nassau, one million by air and the other two and a half by sea.

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Rookie mistakes to avoid in the Bahamas

Offering an idyllic getaway with stunning beaches, a plethora of relaxing vacation activities, and crystal clear waters, the Bahamas is one of North America’s most popular vacation destinations. However, the first time in the Bahamas can mean a lot to travelers, especially if they don’t know what to avoid when visiting. These tips will help visitors stay safe in the Bahamas and get the most out of their travel experience:

  • Avoid boarding unlicensed taxis when traveling around the country. Whether traveling from the airport or hotel, tourists should ensure that the taxis they jump into are licensed. It is also important that travelers negotiate a fair price while in these vehicles. And since most Bahamian taxis don’t use meters, making payments can be difficult, and agreeing an amount will help you avoid a difficult situation.
  • Expect speed in the Bahamas. The inhabitants of the island lead an extremely relaxed life, which can be difficult for visitors who expect to be punctual on their first visit. The laid-back atmosphere helps tourists get in the holiday spirit. The Bahamas is very different from New York or any other destination, and services will not be as fast. Transportation options and guided tours will not depart at the stated time, and restaurants tend to be slow to provide service.
  • Avoid doing business with local beach vendors. Travelers should be careful before purchasing anything offered to them by beach vendors. Beach vendors in the Bahamas sell everything from bottled water to jet ski rentals to sometimes drugs. These vendors may offer equipment that does not work efficiently. Since water sports are not properly regulated in the Bahamas, visitors should take precautions before dealing with beach vendors. Also, most of these sellers don’t have the expertise to fix problems, suppose things go wrong at the beach.
  • Avoid walking alone at night. Travelers should avoid walking alone at night while vacationing in the Bahamas, especially in poorly lit areas, such as beaches and streets. While the nightclubs allow visitors to witness Bahamian culture, it is advisable to always stay in very densely populated areas and join groups to walk together.

In general, the Bahamas is a great vacation destination, and many travelers love the culture and vibrancy. Visitors should avoid these mistakes and enjoy their stay in this beautiful tourist spot.